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Luyện kĩ năng nghe trong bài thi HKI Anh 7 || Sách mới

Website video6789.com chia sẻ tới các bạn tài liệu nghe tiếng anh dành cho các cấp học với nội dung chủ yếu là các file nghe trong các đơn vị bài học, bài kiểm tra thường xuyên và định kì, bên cạnh đó còn cả những mẫu file nghe cho các bài thi học kì. Hãy truy cập thường xuyên để tham khảo và đừng quên chia sẻ website tới các thành viên khác.

Part 1. Listen to the following radio program with Jason Anders and complete the notes. Fill each of the gaps with NO MORE THANTHREE words. You will listen TWICE.


•Some (1) _______________ or end up sleeping on the cold, wet soil
•A blanket/sleeping bag because (2) _______________ at night
•Stove with fuel, food containers, something to fetch (3)____________ if want to cook
•(4) _______________ and bottled water to save cooking time
•(5) _______________ in case someone gets hurt

Part 2. Listen to Thao talking about her love for art. Fill each of the gaps with a suitable word. You will listen TWICE.
Example: 0 - art

I'm a great (0) _________ lover. I look at beautiful paintings and sculptures and wish I could be artistic. I can't draw or (1) _________ to save my life. I wonder why some people are so talented and can create amazing (2) _________, when other people, like me, can't even draw good matchstick figures. I would like to fill my house with art from all over the world. It's interesting to see how different (3)
_________ have different kinds of art. There's nothing better than visiting art (4) _________ when you go to another country. I prefer more traditional art. I don't really understand a lot of modern art. I look at an (5) _________ of a pile of bricks in a museum but can't see how it's art. I always laugh when my children say, 'Daddy, I can do better than that!' I often think they can.

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